Thursday, August 20, 2009


In some native traditions a feather is the most honored gift!

Here you will see some of Sharon Girdwood's painted feathers. Please stop by her website sometime and choose one for yourself. High quality, hand crafted, and truly a Canadian product.

Sharon is a Metis artist who is gaining international recognition for her finely detailed artwork. Thank you to all who watch and leave comments.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Feather Painting----New Images

Here are the two newest painted feathers I have created. They are now available on my website.

The first is of a canoe at a lake edge. With all the canoeing I have done through the years I thought it was time to design a feather that depicts the time spent on the water. This painting looks great at the cottage!

The second feather is a new addition to my wildlife eyes series. I believe the true spirit of an animal or bird can be felt by looking them in the eye. To get my resource material some times I have to get up close in order to photograph them. This is a hard thing to do but sometimes I get lucky.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The making of painted feathers.

Here is a behind the scenes look at how Sharon paints feathers and then has her husband frame each piece. I published this video for the first page of my web site. I love doing little projects like making video and editing them. It gives my web site a nice updated look too!
I hope you all enjoy this video.

Winnie's Hometown Feataval

I am just back from displaying my artwork at White River's "Winnie's Hometown festival" held August 14-15-16 2009. This small town sure knows how to put on a celebration. It certainly was a good time and I enjoyed meeting everyone in White River.
Each year, the Festival presents a new theme, sure to add to the fun-filled event. Past themes have included "Winnie Looks to the Future", "Winnie Goes to Vegas", and "Winnie Goes Hawaiian". A parade, trade show, dance, arts and crafts show, fireworks display, games and competitions, and superb entertainment are all a part of the weekend festival. Don't miss next years! You are sure to have a "honey" of a time!
Thank you to all who supported me and my artwork!
Sharon Girdwood

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Exploring the ghost town of Jack Fish

The only way into the old Town of Jack Fish is on an old rugged road through the bush. I chose to take the 4-wheeler in that day. This little one day trip was lots of fun. My daughter Kendra and I spent the day reminiscing the past of this old coal town. We walked through many old dilapidated buildings and picked up remnants of coal and broken pottery along the beach. We also explored the many old broken down vehicles left behind. The town once was prosperous but the changing world had no room for the coal industry and people had to move on. One could feel the disappointment of the people having to leave their homes behind. Now the town is being reclaimed back to nature covering some of the evidence of this once bustling town but there is still lots to see!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

About my feather paintings

Each of my original creations are hand painted on a supremely unforgiving medium ---- a bird feather!
Each feather presents its own challenge of expression and because no two feathers behave the same way when being painted, I find the challenge of using a feather as my canvas exhilarating. My work is recognizable by the depth and intricate detail of the images. Unlike many paintings, which are best viewed from a distance, these intricate pieces are best viewed up close and personal. The completed feather painting is then framed under glass to protect its delicate beauty.