Saturday, October 10, 2009

Did You Know?

Did you know?
  • Sharon Girdwood was a full time whitewater canoe guide for 12 years. She traveled much of Canada guiding clients down rivers such as the Nahanni River in the North West Territories. She holds her level 3 whitewater instructors certificate and is fully qualified to teach whitewater canoeing. When working full time as a canoeist she would travel approximately 2000 km a year in her canoe.
  • Sharon is a self taught artist never taking any courses or schooling. She works from her heart and soul to produce her artwork.
  • Sharon is a Metis Artist.
  • Sharon has won many awards through Ducks Unlimited here in Canada and the U.S.
  • Sharon Works full time at her artwork and does not have any other sources of income.
  • Sharon also does many other crafts such as basket making, beading, sculpting, finger weaving.
  • Sharon is also very musical and plays guitar and bass guitar. Through CKBY radio station in Ottawa she placed first in a music competition and won a trip to Nashville with her musical talent. Through the years she played in several Country and Rock bands.
  • Sharon has two children. A boy now 23 and a girl 22. She loves them both dearly.
  • Sharon's husband works full time at home making all her frames for her artwork.

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